Property Factoring Services

Lets be honest. Nobody loves building factors. And nobody loves them less than us. That is why we do what we do.

91BC is a company created by dissatisfied factor customers, dissatisfied with paying large fees for small services. We also happen to be established builders and developers and IT experts. We are also the first to offer a truly interactive, real-time online portal where you can request maintenance and view progress updates on your PC, tablet or smartphone. We are also very good at answering the telephone and returning your messages. In our world, that's just basic good manners.

Following the Scotland Factoring Act (2011) it is extremely easy to switch your factor, much like switching your electricity or gas supplier.

Invite us to your residents meeting and we will show you how we reduce your current factoring bill, deliver great service and put a smile on your face in the process.

Oh, and we don't use typewriters, we dont close for lunch and we don't wait for things to happen. The revolution starts here.

Structural Surveys from RICS accredited professionals

Are you adequately insured?

When insuring your property, it is important to understand the true re-instatement value of your building. Reinstatement value is different to your home’s market value. It involves calculating how much it would cost to rebuild using the same materials. This could include anything from sourcing specific stonework to replacing the same windows. It is very important to get specialist advice when you work out the level of home insurance you need. This service is called a Reinstatement Cost Assessment, and appointing a skilled specialist (chartered building surveyor) is crucial to the process

At 91BC, our qualified project and building surveyors team is accredited to not only perform RCA work, but also can complete a structural evaluation assessment and fabric report on your building.

Our policy is to always provide an improved quote on a like-for-like service, we always show up when we say we will, and we will inspect your roof by standing on it, not just looking at it through binoculars.

91BC Property Services For the New Age. Not the Stone Age.